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Seventeen years ago I created a small butterfly garden around three tall pine trees. The garden had about six or seven plants. As time went on, the five foot round butterfly garden expanded slowly across the front of the house, then to the backyard, then along both sides of the driveway….well, you get the picture.

Then as people would visit the questions began, “What kind of plant is that?”…”How do you get so many butterflies?”….”Where can I get a plant like that?” Soon the entire acre and a half was butterfly nectar plants to feed and host plants for butterflies to lay their eggs and feed the larvae.

About three years ago my husband and I thought perhaps we should start selling our plants. Now today we have over 2300 sq. ft. of native and exotic flowering plants, shrubs and trees.



At a Glance

  • We Sell Peggy Green All Natural Plant and Vegetable Fertilizer
  • We Use Only Certified Organic Soil for Our Potting Mix
  • Specializing in Butterfly Nectar & Host Plants
  • Exotic Fruit Trees & Herbs
  • Fragrant & Flowering Tropical & Sub-Tropical Plants from Around the World
  • Plants shown on our website suitable for zones 10A-10B (Southeast Florida)
  • Care instructions available for every plant
  • Open Monday thru Saturday 10am - 4pm
  • Closed on Sunday and Thursday